What do you get when you cross a wildly accomplished classically trained violinist with a teen heavy metal sensation? Ohio's only pirate rock band!

Will's Bio

Will has been playing violin since he was four.  He has performed internationally, from Peru to Ireland, as well as across the United States. He has performed master classes with professional chamber groups including the Cavani, Calidore, Formosa, Escher, Hausmann, and KASA String Quartets and the NeaveTrio. He has studied and performed at Shadowbox Live, America's largest resident theater company. 


Connor's Bio

Connor is the frontman for W.U.V.A.L., Ohio's Most Wanted Teen Rockers. He has been playing live rock since he was 12 and entertained thousands of fans across Ohio. He has played dozens of venues - from dive bars to churches to street festivals to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. He has performed with Shadowbox Live in their STEM program and Bootcamp.


Zach Whitney

Rob Mottice

If you would like to talk to Zach or Rob about us, please contact us ​and we'll send you their contact information.